Thursday, March 01, 2012

Way off their game

You know who.

But the counterattack backfired when Conservative MPs mixed up two companies with the same name. Pierre Poilievre and Dean Del Mastro pointed in question period to Liberal candidates who, they said, used a company based in North Dakota to make calls soliciting support. "The opposition parties said that [their supporters] received calls from a telephone firm with offices in North Dakota. But the only party who hired a firm with offices in North Dakota was the Liberal Party," Poilievre said.

NDP MP Charlie Angus, who spoke right after Poilievre, pointed out that was incorrect. "Mr. Speaker, they're going to need to get some better researchers, because there is a firm in North Dakota with the same name, but it actually doesn't work for the Liberal Party," he said.

The confusion centred on three call companies with similar names, including Prime Contact Group, based in Canada, and Prime Contact Inc., based in North Dakota.
A spokesman for Prime Contact Inc. told CBC News that the company has never worked for a Canadian political party or candidate and is not affiliated in any way with Prime Contact Group. Harper said a third company, First Contact, routed its calls through the U.S. A number of Liberal campaigns used First Contact for calls during the 2011 election and in at least one previous election.
But First Contact owner Mike O'Neill told the CBC's Dave Seglins last April that someone was "spoofing" First Contact's numbers — projecting a fake caller ID — to impersonate his company.

CBC News conducted its own experiment and found dozens of online companies and services that allow users to create bogus caller IDs and faked display phone numbers. It takes just seconds and can be done for just pennies per call.
A spokesman for Harper says First Contact's servers are in the U.S., so the phone number will appear as a U.S. number.
This could interesting. Harper and his crowd are rudderless, and most definitely now operating in an environment they cannot control. The depth and breadth of scandal seems to be growing by the minute.

Watch them.

These people have a history of using whatever means and exploiting whatever weakness in the system they can get away with when they're backed into a corner. They'll fight with claws and teeth to get out of it.


the regina mom said...

Almost time for a PROROGUE!

Beijing York said...

They are total liars and desperate to throw off the scent from their own wrong doings. I hope the media has the courage to take them to task because there is a lot of obvious connections to be made between various service providers.

Gloria said...

Harper had an American criminal working for him. I am not the least bit surprised, robocrimecalls came from North Dakota and other parts of the U.S.

Seems, Harper isn't exactly the choir boy, he says he is. He also had an American criminal working for him.

No matter what. The Federal election win, has been totally tainted with corruption. Harper as P.M. is not valid.

Jymn said...

The fangs may be bared but the Conservatives seem to be toothless this time. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the mass hypnosis of the citizenry by the Conservatives. I know. I know. But one can hope.