Friday, March 02, 2012


TGB Newswire, 12 July 2012: Concern among Canadians is growing after the entire body of Conservative MPs appears to have vanished. RCMP yesterday finally confirmed rumours that the prime minister and his family haven't been seen at 24 Sussex Drive in more than a week. Phone calls and emails to MPs offices have gone unanswered, and in some cases bewildered Ottawa and constituency staff have admitted confusion as their MPs have not been seen either.

TGB News has received unconfirmed reports that the Conservative Party bank accounts have been drained, and at least three personal vehicles known to belong to cabinet ministers have been found at Halifax, Toronto, and Calgary airports. The RCAF has refused to confirm whether the large number of Conservative MPs seen at Ottawa airport 5 July boarded the CC-150 Polaris also observed in that location or where that aircraft was destined, citing operational secrecy requirements.


sassy said...

TGB - curious readers want to know.

I have noticed John Baird doesn't seem to be around, at least I have not heard/read about anything about him or his pointy-finger-yelly-screamy-excitable-boy antics in the House since he sort of apologized to the NDP earlier this week.

Boris said...

sassy, TGB = The Galloping Beaver :)

No idea about Baird. In a just world, he'd be off having a crisis of conscience and plotting his floor cross to the NDP and tell-all to the RCMP.

Steve said...

May be linked to Iceland.

sassy said...

Boris - I meant curious readers want to know the whereabouts of Baird :)

It seems strange to me that Harper would keep his pet pit bull (apologies to all pit bulls) in the back room at at time like this.