Friday, March 02, 2012

About those 31 000 calls

If they contain anything like this, Elections Canada will need respirators to find the guns through the smoke.

Astrid Dimond said she had been called six times for Conservative donations during the last election. After a seventh call, she said she did an internet search on the caller’s phone number, which had shown up on her call display.
"It came up as the Conservative Party in Victoria," Dimond said.
The next time she received a call from the same number, she told the caller she was supporting the NDP in the election in the hopes the calls would stop.
Two days before the election, Dimond said she got another call from the same number.
“[The caller] just said, ‘Did you know the polling station had changed,’ and basically, I said, ‘No it hasn't,’ and that was the end of the conversation. I wouldn't let her continue because I knew it was a falsehood."

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