Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pretty little luxuries

This country is sick.

An NDP private member's bill to protect transgender people from discrimination was passed by the House of Commons, but could face a roadblock in the Conservative dominated Senate.
Of course it could. The Harper Cons and their supporters are a living hate crime. There are some days when the parochial privilege of this cossetted land of ours pusses to the surface more than others.

What a luxury it is to be able to sit on a soapbox and loudly pronounce some human beings more worthy than others of inclusion in [y]our society. Real Canadian, Québécois, Albertan, Conservative. What a luxury it is to be able to punish someone you don't know simply because they are different from you. What a luxury it is to not only have the right of free association, which also includes non-association, but to also ensure that people you don't associate with must have more difficult lives for it. What a luxury it is to have such a multicultural diversity of the other to scapegoat and victimise. We've even got an army to send over the sea, and a government to order them there, to feed this fetish for punishing the other.

Gaia forbid the day come when we might have to set aside these little luxuries or die

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Johnay said...

It is even more pathetic when I consider that even my two teen sons have expressed the opinion that there should not be any restrictions placed on ANYONE who is not taking license with other people's freedoms.


Harper is grown up and leading the country and my 15 and 18 year old have more sense