Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi fellas!

House of Commons, via the crazyhouse. I wonder who's making a list?


kootcoot said...

I find it surprising that the House of Commons would be using Windows NT - Microsoft's idea of a secure Operating System in 1998/1999. Of course with Stevie in charge they don't want to move on into the 21st century, but would prefer to go back to the 19th or 18th (or if possible the middle ages).

Here I thought I was a stubborn user of legacy software.........But then again, who can afford to upgrade software when you need to save money for attack fighter jets and building massive prisons. But then we might need to do Shock and Awe on Islamabad (Tehran,Damascus or ?) any day now and the prisons are for those who aren't with the program.

liberal supporter said...

That would likely be the computer of the Hon. Julian Fantino, no? After all, he's the one that rehabilitated nazi references, right after becoming a Member of Parliament.
Now, with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council thoroughly discredited by some partisan shill, we will be free to listen to wall to wall Fox North without all those silly things like balance, decorum or honesty. All that's needed is to replace that commie finkelstein at the CRTC so Fox North can be required carriage to every cable subscriber. I understand Kory is available, and after his QMI stint, he's got broadcast experience too.

Zorpheous said...

How long till the PMO's IP drops by for a looksee