Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pakistan Prez sez NATO losing


The president of Pakistan claimed Tuesday that Coalition forces in Afghanistan were "losing the war against the Taliban".

Asif Ali Zardari suggested the Nato-led mission had "underestimated" the power of the insurgency, which was "strengthening" its grip.

This is obviously on the heels of the row over the Wikileaks leaks suggesting Pakistan defence and intelligence is helping the Taliban.

Now for the quick and dirty analysis. Pakistan's government sees NATO losing and the Taliban now quite active and disruptive to that country's internal security. It wasn't like that before NATO invaded and nine years later they might be getting a little weary and worried about the imported war next door. So Pakistan begins to plan for the departure of NATO, even actively hastening it. Doing so would conceivably settle the Pashtun hornets' nest or at least keep it in Afghanistan and the border regions and stop giving their fanatical young men an outlet for their crazy ideas.

So what do they do? Clobber Taliban disruption at home which domestic security compels them to do, but at the same time support it in Afghanistan in the hope of encouraging NATO to leave sooner.

It's a thought anyway.

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